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International Relations Major Through Des Moines Area Community College

International relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree program offered by the Department of Political Science. Students gain the combination of knowledge and skills to understand and shape our ever more closely connected and changing world. While ensuring an excellent grounding in political, economic and historical fundamentals, IR also provides substantial flexibility for students to pursue the global issues or world regions they find most interesting. International Relations provides outstanding preparation for work in the diplomatic service, multinational corporations, intelligence organizations, international organizations, think tanks, public health agencies or international media organizations.

International Relations at Iowa

Student responsibilities

Review the responsibilities required to become and remain eligible for the 2 Plus 2 Guaranteed Graduation Plan.

Student Responsibilities

Des Moines Area Community College checkpoints

  • Complete the fourth level of a single world language as needed for Iowa's General Education Program.
  • Complete POL 121 International Relations.
  • Complete all requirements for the AA degree.
  • When transferring to Iowa, present a cumulative transfer grade-point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher from all colleges attended.

University of Iowa checkpoints

  • Complete the UI courses required for this major, as specified in the UI General Catalog.
  • Complete at least half of the remaining semester hours needed for your major and degree during each of your two years at Iowa. (A total of 33 semester hours is required for the international relations major and 120 semester hours for the BA degree.)

A current schedule of UI courses is available on the Iowa Student Information Service (MyUI).

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